Curriculum Management System

27, Apr

It is necessary for curricula be revised intermittently as it is indicated. In most tertiary institutions in Nigeria, their curricula are obsolete and there is no reform to see how they can be updated to meet with the current and modern system. 
Today, 5% success rate in Nigeria’s education system is achieved by individual students, the school isn’t doing anything to bring up to date the system to play in a global education system. 
The government of Nigeria needs to understand this essence and act seriously to reform the sector.
Information Technology has become a talk of all time, it is involved in our everyday activities, it is therefore necessary to be made compulsory at the basic education to build the foundation. 
Education should be much valued and a conducive environment to allow continuous learning and skill enhancement should be our paramount. In each state, there should be a hub for education and skills development where individuals can be trained and retrained to suit the modern demand.